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  1. Challenge - The challenge is to find and/or make a Tofu dish using only the Instant Pot that tastes like grilled teriyaki chicken, but I haven't even found a recipe for it yet that doesn't require air frying in conjunction with it.

  2. Variety - Storage and Texture - It can be found in dry, refrigerated, and frozen varieties, pressed or unpressed, and from soft to extra firm.

  3. Variety - Flavor - It will take on the flavor of whatever seasonings it is marinated or cooked with.

  4. Health Benefits - You can eat massive quantities of tofu and not gain weight. It was on a Netflix show called "Secrets of the Blue Zones". It is cholesterol-free and easy on the kidneys. It is low in sodium, low-calorie at only 45 calories per 3 oz serving, and high in both potassium and protein.

  5. Costs - The costs of tofu are extremely low at only 60 cents per serving and here is how it breaks down. The product is at HEB here It is $2.48 as of Oct 5, 2023, for extra-firm, and it says to refrigerate it after opening. If we take the cost per package of $2.48 / 12.3 oz = x 3 oz per serving, the result is a cost of as low as $0.60 per serving. 

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