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Driven by a strong desire for honesty and fairness, my objective here is to develop long-standing relationships and repeat business from potential car customers by providing honest pricing information and data tailored specifically to their needs.


To help you achieve the best possible price, we would be looking to hit a small window of time that exists between the time the car is listed for auction, and the time that the auction takes place.


It is at that point that I would put you in touch with the seller of whatever you choose to evaluate first and collect a nominal fee of $500 in exchange for our efforts on your behalf.


You would of 'course owe nothing until you are viewing your own custom list here, made a potential purchase decision, and are ready to visit the seller of the vehicle in person.


If you are interested in letting me help you find your next car or just have some questions along the way, then just send a text to 833-433-1976 with whatever you might be looking for in virtually any price range, and I will call you back as soon as I can.

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